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Welcome to ScaleHistory!

At ScaleHistory my desire is to provide a community setting where scale modelers can meet and enjoy the hobby while also exploring the history that drives it.  Along the way I want us to develop a sense of community around what we love to do and also some thoughts on why we do it.  I love to talk about modeling and history and want to share that with others. Think of this as your on-line modeling club with a little more than just plastic in mind. 

So what exactly should come to mind for this site?

Community - A place for modelers to connect and talk about what we love to do.  Like a virtual table where you sit around and talk about the hobby while doing the hobby.

Fun – It seems like many things in society these days start off as a fun diversion or as entertainment but eventually gets turned into a competition.  And with that come comparisons, standards, and pressure.  Be who you are and enjoy what you create.  Let’s make sure this hobby is fun. 

History – There is a story behind most everything we build.  Let’s find a place to explore that history, share that story, and learn from each other.  We can share the reading we have done, the places we have visited, and the inspirations that pull at us.  Most of all let’s bring to life the history behind what we model. 

Personally, I am passionate about history and connecting my model to the history behind it.  There is a scene that I love in the Star Trek movie First Contact, where Commander Data marvels at how humans seem to “connect” with the past by touching historical objects.  Captain Picard observes, “…touch can connect you to an object in a very personal way, make it seem more real.” I want my modeling to create a sense of "real." I want to touch history through my models and connect with those who have come before me.  And in this process I want to have fun in this hobby and I want to share that with others.